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What is the Best Email Marketing Software for Real Estate?

In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying ahead in the digital marketing game is not just an option, but a necessity. As we embrace 2023, the need for robust, efficient, and user-friendly email marketing platforms has become more crucial than ever.

For real estate professionals, these tools are not just about sending emails; they’re about building relationships, nurturing leads, and converting prospects into loyal clients. We discuss more indepth about real estate email marketing here.

Navigating through the multitude of email marketing solutions can be overwhelming. That’s where this comprehensive guide comes in. We have meticulously curated a list of the 10 best real estate email marketing platforms in 2023, each offering unique features and capabilities to suit diverse marketing needs. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to the industry, these platforms are designed to streamline your marketing efforts and maximize your outreach.

Best Email Marketing Platforms of 2023

1. Moosend – A Comprehensive Email Solution


Kicking off our list is Moosend, a platform that combines affordability with a suite of powerful features. What sets Moosend apart is its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, making it a breeze to create stunning email campaigns. With a 30-day free trial, real estate agents can explore its capabilities without any upfront investment.


Starting at a competitive $9/month, Moosend offers a cost-effective solution for agents keen on maximizing their marketing ROI.

Best Feature:

The platform’s drag-and-drop editor is not just about aesthetics; it enables the creation of personalized, engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

Moosend understands that in real estate, time is of the essence. Its automated workflows and audience management tools help agents deliver timely, relevant content to their audience, fostering stronger relationships and driving sales​​​​.

2. ActiveCampaign – Automation Excellence


Next up is ActiveCampaign, renowned for its sophisticated automation capabilities. This platform is a powerhouse for creating pre-built automation journeys, streamlining the process of lead nurturing and conversion.

  • Pricing: At $49/month, ActiveCampaign is an investment in advanced automation and marketing finesse.
  • Best Feature: The platform’s pre-built automation journeys are a game-changer, enabling agents to automate complex email sequences with ease, ensuring no lead is left unattended.
  • Why It’s Great for Real Estate: ActiveCampaign’s strength lies in its ability to automate the entire lifecycle of a lead, from initial contact to final sale. This efficiency is invaluable in a sector where timely follow-ups can make or break a deal​​​​.

3. GetResponse – Master of Landing Pages


Ranking third is GetResponse, a platform that excels in creating visually appealing and highly effective landing pages. This feature is particularly crucial in real estate, where first impressions can significantly influence potential clients.


With plans starting at $19/month, GetResponse offers an affordable yet powerful tool for real estate marketing.

Best Feature:

Its landing page builder stands out, boasting an array of templates that agents can use to showcase properties, promote open houses, or capture leads.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

GetResponse allows real estate professionals to create landing pages that not only look professional but are also optimized for conversion. This optimization is key in turning website visitors into potential leads and, eventually, satisfied clients​​​​.

4. Mailchimp – Ideal for Small Email Lists


Mailchimp, a name synonymous with email marketing, is perfect for real estate agencies with smaller email lists. Its user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates make it an ideal choice for those starting their email marketing journey.


The platform offers a free plan for basic needs, with paid plans starting at $20/month, providing scalability as your client list grows.

Best Feature:

The email client testing tool is a standout, ensuring your emails look great across all devices and email clients, a crucial factor in maintaining professionalism in your communications.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

For smaller agencies or individual agents, Mailchimp’s ease of use and free plan option provide an excellent starting point. The platform’s ability to scale with your business makes it a long-term partner in your marketing efforts​​​​.

5. Benchmark – Perfect for Beginners


For those new to email marketing, Benchmark emerges as a user-friendly and efficient choice. It’s particularly appealing to beginners in the real estate sector.


Benchmark offers a free plan, making it accessible for anyone just starting out. For more advanced needs, its plans begin at $10/month.

Best Feature:

Its contact list cleaning is a standout, helping you maintain a high-quality email list, which is crucial for effective communication and engagement.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

Benchmark simplifies email marketing for real estate agents who may be overwhelmed by more complex platforms. Its straightforward tools enable agents to focus on what they do best – selling properties​​​​.

6. Constant Contact – Event Marketing Focus

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is tailored for real estate professionals looking to leverage event marketing. Its tools are designed to promote and manage events effectively, a key aspect of real estate marketing.


With a 60-day trial and plans starting at $12/month, it offers a budget-friendly option for agents.

Best Feature:

The event marketing tools stand out, allowing agents to create, manage, and promote real estate events seamlessly.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

For agents frequently hosting open houses or community events, Constant Contact’s specialized tools make it easier to attract and engage potential clients​​​​.

7. AWeber – Exceptional Customer Support


AWeber is known for its responsive customer support, making it a reliable choice for real estate agencies that prioritize quick and effective communication.


AWeber offers a free plan for basic needs, and its paid plans start at $15/month.

Best Feature:

The platform’s A/B split testing options are invaluable for optimizing email campaigns for higher engagement and conversion rates.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

AWeber’s support and testing features ensure that real estate professionals can fine-tune their marketing strategies and get quick help whenever needed​​​​.

8. SendPulse – Chatbot Functionality


SendPulse is recognized for its innovative chatbot functionality, which is a unique feature in the realm of email marketing platforms.


It offers a limited free plan, with paid plans starting at $8/month, making it one of the most affordable options.

Best Feature:

The chatbot functionality enhances real estate marketing by enabling interactive communication with clients and leads.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

For agents looking to incorporate advanced digital marketing tactics, SendPulse’s chatbots can provide a significant edge in customer engagement and lead nurturing​​​​.

9. Campaign Monitor – Advanced Segmentation

Campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor excels in audience segmentation, allowing real estate agents to tailor their marketing efforts to specific groups effectively.

Pricing: With a testing-only free plan, Campaign Monitor is accessible for initial trials. Paid plans start at $9/month.

Best Feature: The platform’s advanced segmentation tools are ideal for targeting specific demographics or client interests in real estate marketing.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate: This capability allows agents to send highly personalized content to different segments of their audience, increasing relevance and engagement rates​​​​.

10. HubSpot – Integrated CRM for Real Estate


HubSpot stands out with its built-in CRM, making it a holistic marketing solution for real estate agents.


HubSpot offers a free plan and paid plans beginning at $20/month, catering to various business sizes.

Best Feature:

The integrated CRM system streamlines contact management, ensuring seamless tracking and nurturing of leads throughout the sales process.

Why It’s Great for Real Estate:

HubSpot’s comprehensive CRM capabilities mean that agents can manage their contacts, automate marketing tasks, and track client interactions all in one place, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness​​​​.

Additional Considerations When Selecting an Email Marketing Platform

Choosing the right email marketing software goes beyond just comparing prices and features. It involves understanding your specific needs in the real estate domain. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Affordability and Scalability: Your chosen platform should align with your budget and be scalable as your business grows.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-use email editor is essential for creating effective campaigns without a steep learning curve.
  • Professionally-Looking Templates: Pre-designed templates save time and ensure that your emails have a professional appearance.
  • Automated Workflows: Automation tools help in managing campaigns more efficiently, especially for time-sensitive real estate listings.
  • Audience Management Features: Effective segmentation and management tools are crucial for personalizing communications.
  • Detailed Analytics: Insights into campaign performance help in making data-driven decisions.
  • CRM Integration: A seamless integration with CRM software enhances lead management and follow-up processes​​.

Enhancing Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a clearer picture of the top platforms and what to look for, let’s focus on how to utilize these tools to amplify your real estate marketing efforts.

  1. Personalize Your Communication: Use the personalization tools offered by these platforms to tailor your messages to different segments of your audience. This increases engagement and builds stronger relationships.
  2. Optimize Email Content: Utilize the templates and design tools to create visually appealing and informative emails. High-quality content can significantly boost open and click-through rates.
  3. Leverage Automated Campaigns: Set up automated email sequences for new subscribers, open house reminders, and follow-ups. This ensures consistent communication without manual effort.
  4. Analyze and Adapt: Regularly review the analytics provided by your platform to understand what works and what doesn’t. Use these insights to refine your strategy and improve results.
  5. Integrate with CRM: By integrating your email marketing platform with a CRM, you can keep track of all client interactions and tailor your follow-ups based on their behavior and preferences.

By considering these factors and strategies, you can effectively choose and utilize an email marketing platform that not only meets your needs but also significantly enhances your real estate marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Strategy: Final Thoughts

The digital landscape of real estate is ever-evolving, and staying ahead in this competitive market requires not only diligence but also the right tools. The platforms we’ve discussed offer a range of features tailored to the unique needs of the real estate industry, from automated workflows and CRM integration to user-friendly interfaces and detailed analytics.

Remember, the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy depends significantly on the platform you choose. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about creating meaningful connections, nurturing leads, and ultimately, closing more deals. Therefore, carefully consider your specific needs, budget, and the features that will most benefit your business. If you have any questions, drop us a line, we’re happy to help.

With this guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision. We encourage you to explore these platforms, take advantage of free trials, and discover what works best for your real estate business. The right email marketing platform can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy, driving growth and success in 2023 and beyond.

Embrace the opportunity to transform your real estate email marketing efforts. Choose a platform that aligns with your goals, and watch as your engagement, lead generation, and sales reach new heights.


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